soprano section

Abby Young, South Jordan, UT

Abby is a UVU graduate in music education, where she sang with and student-conducted all advanced choirs. She later was the choral director at Mountain Ridge Junior High for four years and currently is a private piano/vocal teacher. She is madly in love with her husband Jace, daughter Jane, and puppy Millie.

Camille Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

Having sung in BYU Concert Choir for 2 years before joining Lux, Camille graduated with a BA in Philosophy and volunteers at a women’s shelter for domestic violence in her free time.
(charter member)

Kari Baardson, Ann Arbor, MI

Kari has several degrees from Brigham Young University in various subjects including music, statistics, public policy and law. She has sung with the BYU Women's Chorus, BYU Concert Choir, Deseret Chamber Singers, Cantorum Chamber Choir, was a member of the Utah Opera Chorus, and is thrilled to now be singing with Lux Singers.

Linda Peterson, Draper, UT Soon to complete her degree in music education and history teaching from BYU, Linda loves many types of music and has enjoyed being a part of Lux Singers, BYU Singers, and BYU Jazz Combos this past school year.

Linda Peterson, Draper, UT

Soon to complete her degree in music education and history teaching from BYU, Linda loves many types of music and has enjoyed being a part of Lux Singers, BYU Singers, and BYU Jazz Combos this past school year.

Marly Ott, Poway, CA

A BYU Singer’s alumna studying to become who knows what, Marly enjoys eating pizza, listening to Beyonce, and spending time with sisters, preferably all at the same time.

Micah Trentman, Auburn, CA

Micah works as a cardiology nurse. She has been in various choirs for many years, most recently with BYU Idaho's Collegiate Singers and is so grateful to be with Lux! 

Rachel Brown, Bountiful, UT

Rachel recently graduated from the University of Wyoming in speech language pathology. She loves singing, climbing, and spending time with nice people. 

alto section

BG McGill, Gresham, OR

Having participated in the choral program while attending BYU, BG graduated in 2012 with a BA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies. She presently works as an editorial assistant in the Missionary Department of the LDS Church.

Cassandra Rindlisbacher, Fresno, CA

A successful teacher, Cassi’s first language is music. Although she did not study music professionally, it blesses her life.
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Hannah McLaughlin, Burnsville, MN

Currently working on her master’s degree in musicology at BYU, Hannah explains that besides choral music, her main musical passion is experimental and improvisatory music.
(charter member)

Holly Syphus, Altadena, CA

The sassy one of the group, Holly not only uses her musical skills in classical atmospheres, but has participated in a cappella groups, jazz choirs, musicals, and takes opera voice lessons. There is no musical challenge she will not undertake.
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Kindall McGill, Gresham, OR

Kindal graduated from BYU with a degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities with an Art History emphasis. She sang in BYU choirs for 4 years as well as participated in Leland's Easter Choir. 

Lyssandra Harker, Beaver Fall, PA

Lyssandra graduated with her Masters in Speech Language Pathology from the U and now works as a Voice Therapist in Layton, UT helping singers and others to rehabilitate their voices. She and her husband Zane love to sing, travel, and be language nerds together. 

Shandra Harper, Sugarland, TX

Shani has degrees in both musical theatre and business management; However, Shani’s current role is mom to her daughter, Zoë, and her new baby boy, Heath.
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Shayann Guthrie, Iona, ID

A Speech-Language Pathologist who has been singing choral music for 10 years, Shayann has participated in multiple choirs, including BYU Women’s Chorus, BYU Concert Choir, and Lux Singers.
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Traci Jones, San Antonio, TX

Having graduated from Brigham Young University in Elementary Music Education with an emphasis in voice, Traci teaches music full time at Wasatch Elementary School in Provo and serves as the school’s Concert Choir director.
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tenor section

Collins Carrington, Littleton, CO

A native Coloradan who has been in Utah for the better part of 7 years, and in Lux for 2, Collins spends his free time language-learning, music-making, and playing with his 18 nieces and nephews.
(charter member)

Dalan Guthrie, Iona, ID

A choir teacher, martial artist, and video game enthusiast, Dalan enjoys singing with his wife, Shayann, who is also a member of Lux Singers.
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Daniel Smith, Blackfoot, ID

A professional linguist and software project manager, Daniel grew up on a small farm and still dreams of being an author, artist, and general contractor.
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Evan Moss, Tucson, AZ

A junior high choir director in Murray, UT where he has taught for four years, Evan also directs the Young Choral Artists, a children’s choir in Salt Lake City. He dreams of riding a motorcycle around the country after he buys one in a life crisis.
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Ka'imiloa Ruberson, Flower Mound, TX

A current student at Brigham Young University studying vocal performance, Ka’imi wants to perform opera professionally in the future

Kyle Harper, Orem, UT

Having studied Music Education at BYU, Kyle is currently working on his master’s degree from CWU, while teaching Middle School Choir in Lindon, Utah. He and his wife, Shani (also in Lux), are the parents of 2 beautiful children.
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baritone & bass section

Brandon Campbell, Logan, UT

Brandon attended both Southern Utah University and Utah State University, graduating with a degree in psychology.  He is an avid singer as both a soloist and chorus member.

Carson Homer, South Jordan, UT

Carson is a trauma tech in the ER at Utah Valley Hospital. He is living in Orem with his wife Natalee, and their new son Weston.

Cortney Brewerton, Falcon, CO

Wanna-be soprano and aspiring linguist, Cortney currently works as a corporate electrical service specialist at Vivint Solar.

Dan Booher, Bellingham, WA

Dan has been singing since he was 12 and he loves him some low notes. He also loves barbershop and is currently in a quartet.

Danny Gray, Hemet, CA

A composer of original music for film, Danny was nominated for “Best Music” in the 2016 Utah Film awards. He has 19+ years of choral music experience, and is the founder & director of Utah Collegiate Singers. 

Jonathan McManus, Provo, UT

Jonathan started singing seriously while attending BYU. He loves his wife and son and loves their support!

Jonathan Thibadeau, St. Paul, MN

Jonathan is singing his first season with Lux Singers.  A student of Biophysics, a current part-time research associate at a biotech company, and an aspiring diabetes researcher, he fulfills his other passions performing as both a choral musician and dancer. 

Joseph Andrews, Olathe, KS

A software engineer for ACH Fulfillment, Joseph enjoys rifle and shotgun sports, video gaming, and hiking. He and his wife Charlotte are expecting their first child.
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Logan Luke, Lincoln

Studying Microbiology at Brigham Young University, Logan is in his second season with Lux Singers. He is also a former member of the BYU Concert Choir.

Mark Schlerf, Nampa, ID

Mark lives in Provo with his wife and two children where he works in facilities management. He enjoys being outdoors and cooks a mean ribeye steak.

Zane Harker, Broomfield, CO

Zane studied music composition at BYU, where he sang in Men's Chorus, Concert Choir, and the voice studio of Ruth Christensen. This is his second season with Lux Singers and his first year of grad school. He and his wife Lyssandra love being musicians, language nerds, and world travelers together.


founder & artistic director

Leland G. Spindler

Mr Spindler has been working with religious ensembles for nearly 20 years. At a very young age, he began conducting his own congregation’s choir in Eugene, OR. Later, whilst living in southern France, Mr. Spindler began an interfaith choir that toured many of the great religious spaces in the region. Upon his return to the United States, he continued his tradition of bringing fine religious choral music to the populous of congregants from various denominations. In Utah, Mr. Spindler formed a community Easter choir which performed in the various chapels, the Provo Tabernacle, the BYU Madsen Recital Hall, and BYU De Jong Concert Hall. This Easter choir ultimately evolved into what is now the Lux Singers. Mr. Spindler has a great passion for the religious tradition of choral music and its role throughout history. He is a spitfire conductor who does not accept mediocrity from his choir members, and it shows in his performances.

Mr. Spindler has sung in the LCC Chamber Choir, Cascade Barbershop Chorus, Toulon Opera Chorus, as well as the BYU Men’s Chorus, BYU Concert Choir and BYU Singers of Brigham Young University. As a master’s student in choral conducting, he has conducted the BYU Chorale, BYU Women’s Chorus, Concert Choir and French Choir. As a conductor, he has studied under the hands of Dr. Ronald Staheli, Rosalind Hall, Jean Applonie, Dr. Jerold Ottley, Todd Zimmerman, and Dr. Richard Wagner.

In addition to his work in the choral arts, Mr Spindler is the owner and executive chef of Les Frères Gourmands Catering Group, an active French translator and interpreter, and a published arranger, composer, and writer.







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