Lux Singers 2017-2018


Monica Bennett+
Rachel Brown
Linda Rollins
Aria Taylor
Micah Trentman
Kenzie Young


+Section Leader


Rikki Bowman
Kjersti Christensen
Hannah Colvin
Shayann Guthrie
Caroline Hagedorn
Lyssandra Harker
Shani Harper
BG McGill
Cassi Rindlisbacher+
Lara Schlerf
Holly Syphus
Devan Weixler


Collins Carrington
Dalan Guthrie+
Kyle Harper
Evan Moss
Ka'imiloa Ruberson
Daniel Smith


John Bonner
Dan Booher
Peter Bourgeois
Cortney Brewerton
Michael Carter+
Jacom Clarkson
Danny Gray
Quirl Hansen
Zane Harker
Mark Schlerf
Jared Sybrowsky
Mark Zabriskie+



Brittany Andam*
Rachael Anderton
Michelle Howard*
Kalie Martin
Katie Mecham
Marly Ott

Kelsey Schuwer*
Kari Van Sickle
Heidi Webb
Abby Young


 *Charter Member


Rachael Anderton*
Carli Christiansen*
Jennifer Heder
Traci Jones*
Amanda Kimball
Kindal McGill
Hannah McLaughlin*
Katie Mecham


Jonathan Brimhall*
Andrew Howden
Isaac Miller
Jared Pence*


Logan Anderson*
Joseph Andrews
Brandon Campbell
David Hillier

Carson Homer
Ben Kramer*
John Leavitt*
Logan Luke
Austin Lund
Jonathan McManus
Matt Nielsen
Solomon Reynolds
Kevin Schuwer*

Kevin Smith*
Samuel Speer

Lux Men's Chorus 2017-2018


Will Arnett
Mark Burtenshaw
Neil Ellsworth
John Garrett
David Hilton
Carson Homer
Jacob Johnson
Michael Moss
Daniel Smith
Tanner Thompson


Joseph Clarkson
Jeff Cramer
Morgon Crockett
Kagen Despain
Daniel Guerreiro
Kyle Harper
Dylan Lawter
Christopher Pedersen
Keaton Robertson


Lux Women's Chorus 2017-2018


Emily Appel
Kyra Driscoll
Marissa Gilson
Cynthia Miller


Bethany Anderson
Jenny Cook
Julia Hlavacik
Gerilyn Ingalls
Amber Rencher


Carli Christiansen
Camaret Clarkson
Julie Hogge
Brittany Newman
Chery Ross
Gabby Seeley


Artistic Director

Leland G. Spindler

Mr Spindler has been working with religious ensembles for nearly 20 years. At a very young age, he began conducting his own congregation’s choir in Eugene, OR. Later, whilst living in southern France, Mr. Spindler began an interfaith choir that toured many of the great religious spaces in the region. Upon his return to the United States, he continued his tradition of bringing fine religious choral music to the populous of congregants from various denominations. In Utah, Mr. Spindler formed a community Easter choir which performed in the various chapels, the Provo Tabernacle, the BYU Madsen Recital Hall, and BYU De Jong Concert Hall. This Easter choir ultimately evolved into what is now the Lux Singers. Mr. Spindler has a great passion for the religious tradition of choral music and its role throughout history. He is a spitfire conductor who does not accept mediocrity from his choir members, and it shows in his performances.

Mr. Spindler has sung in the LCC Chamber Choir, Cascade Barbershop Chorus, Toulon Opera Chorus, as well as the BYU Men’s Chorus, BYU Concert Choir and BYU Singers of Brigham Young University. As a master’s student in choral conducting, he has conducted the BYU Chorale, BYU Women’s Chorus, Concert Choir and French Choir. As a conductor, he has studied under the hands of Dr. Ronald Staheli, Rosalind Hall, Jean Applonie, Dr. Jerold Ottley, Todd Zimmerman, and Dr. Richard Wagner.

In addition to his work in the choral arts, Mr Spindler is the owner and executive chef of Les Frères Gourmands Catering Group, an active French translator and interpreter, and a published arranger, composer, and writer.