Lux Singers Presents: Lighten Our Darkness

  • St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 65 E 500 North Orem, UT, 84057 United States


6:30-7:30PM - Rehearsal
7:30-7:45PM - Break and final wardrobe preparations
7:45-8:00PM - Devotional
8:00-9:20PM - Performance


  A Mighty Fortress

Musical Light
  Northern Lights
  Lux Arumque

Life's Lessons
  Hand of Love (Serve)
  O Happy Day (Watch, fight, pray and rejoice)
  You'll Never Walk Alone (Hope)

From the Romantic Masters
  Os Justi (Wisdom)
  O Tebe raduyetsia (Praise)

Standing Pause

Overcoming Trial
  Even When He Is Silent
  In that Darkest Night

Day of Judgement
  Dies Irae
  Libera me

Our Eternal Home
  Wayfarin' Stranger
  Pilgrim Song

Encore (if needed)
  Nearer, My God, To Thee